Sustainable and inclusive LAKTOWASH directly affects farmer well-beingin terms of occupational health, especially women and young farmers as weel as workers. It has significant positive effects on farmer earnings by increasing the quality and yield of the milk therefore the selling price of farm milk and reducing the costs associated with infections that threaten udder and animal health. It also provides less water consumption. It reduces food waste from farm to table. It reduces emissions in the whole supply chain –more milk and milk products with less input and resources.
It constitutes a sustainable rural development and healthy – food model.



Cleans all areas where the milk comes into contact with; washes it with hot solution and performs the final rinse in order.

Applying the precise amount of chemicals is very simple thanks to specially developed tablet detergents

It significantly reduces the cases of mastitis and udder diseases in a well-cleaned milking machine.

It reduces the number of bacteria and somatic cells in milk.

Bucket washing and draining attachement can be integrated into any brand of mobile milking machine.

With reduction in somatic cell count in milk, LAKTOWASH increases product convertibility for fermented milk products by at least 10%, in other words reduces product efficiency losses.

Uses water more effectively and less than the manual milking machine washing protocol.

It does not require assembly, once electricity and water connection is provided, just press the button and turn it on.


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